Blythe Does Fashion-y Stuff

Hello there! My name is Blythe. I've started this blog as, well, basically a narcissistic photo dump. I'm disabled, and so I don't get out much--no one takes pictures of me, so I have to take them of myself. This blog will consist of pictures of outfits that I am fond of. Updates will be infrequent, I'll warn you, because I don't get to dress up nearly as much as I'd like. My main blog is aceprouvaire, and my health blog is littleteapotsie.

Wow yeah so that… sure is a change…

[Two images of a young woman (me) with short, dark purple hair standing in front of a wooden bench and some bushes.  Yeah that’s right, purple hair!  In both images I am wearing my light grey layered tulle dress as a skirt.  Over it, I have a loose, cream-colored lace top, which is then layered under a velvet-y black vest.  Under the dress, I have on grey tights with a subtle diamond pattern, and black boots that go to the middle of my calves.  In the second photo, I am wearing a loose black cardigan over everything.  In both photos I also have a hot pink flower clip in my hair, octopus earrings, and hot pink lipstick.  Of course, I’m also wearing my round, black glasses.]